Lessons from the bathroom.

Yes you read that right.

My parents came up this weekend to help with the bathroom re-construction. But first we had to do more destruction. This is what I’ve learned in the bathroom this weekend.

Do it right the first time. There was absolutely nothing wrong with our bathroom structurally except the fact it was pink! But the previous owners (who built the house) did everything at the best it could be done in the early 60’s and it has held up. But it did use a lot of water. However this did make it a pain to remove everything (there is 2″ of cement locking in the tile and bathtub.) It was solid and if not for the color would not have needed anything done. Look at that foil lined insulation that was the best of the best back then. If you look on the floor to the left you can just see where I had to cut out 2″ of concrete to get the tub out.

Ask for help when you need it. Hubby and I are pretty smart and fairly handy but there is no way the two of us could have gotten this tub surround in without my Dad. We didn’t have the tools or the knowledge. Thanks Dad. Not only was he helpful but Mom kept the house running, made meals did dishes, and folded/washed laundry. It was amazingly helpful. Oh did I mention she did several runs to home improvement stores….

The right tools make the job sooo much easier.
I learned how to pre-fill nail holes for my dad and my first putty knife was bent up and made it impossible, once I got a new one I looked like a pro….maybe.

Teamwork makes everything easier.
Enough said.

Take time to have some fun. I don’t look great but this moment felt so good! Hubby left yesterday for a two week business trip and I think this pic/memory will help me make it through.
There you have it that is what I have learned. Now for some sleep.

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  1. That’s awesome to have parents help out with your house (my dad and grandpa came out and helped get the heating and plumbing done on our new house). That pic of the three of you is CUTE!

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