I’m going raw! (briefly)

While the hubby is away on business, I’m going raw in an effort to kick some bad habits. Specifically the never ending struggle with processed sugar. When my parents leave on Monday morning that is it. I’m going to eat raw breakfast and dinner and for lunch at work it will very depending on what is on hand and what I can do at work easily since I only have a 30 min break.

So this will be a 2-3 week experiment and I’m really excited to try new things. I’m planning on lots of salads with new toppings, fruits, veggies, raw nuts (not processed, buy in the bulk aisle at my grocery store) and lots of other things I’ve found on the web. As always one of my fav blog for inspiration is Happy Foody, one dessert I’ve made before and I’m excited to make again is the Raw Strawberry Pie.
I’m going to continue with my green smoothies in the morning (lately they have been more purple since I’ve been using blueberries recently.) But the rest of my day is going to change, I hope we will see how it goes.

If you have any good blogs/websites/recipes for me to check out let me know!

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  1. yep, what she didn't tell you is she went to Dairy Queen right after she started her "raw food" diet! lol just kidding! love you babe!

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