Giveaway hints,a freebie and project ideas.

First of all there is a giveaway on Pixiepine for a great looking cookbook called “Rabbit Food.” its a vegan cookbook. It sounds like a great way to get some healthy food ideas! Here is the link to the giveaway if you want to enter:

Now here is the hint if you want to know about all of the giveaways I’m aware of follow me on twitter @amberterp. I post them as soon as I hear about them

I just found this free 8×10 photo canvas all you do is pay shipping! Just click to read all about it.

Here are some great projects that I’ve added to my to do list (which has to wait until the bathroom is done.)

U Create

U-Create is the blog I have most bookmarked for things I want to try here are just a few. Just click on the picture for the blog link.

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