Green @ Work

Here are some simple, easy, healthy, and money saving ways to be green at work

Stairs-use them instead of the elevator, this is not only green but healthy and a great way to get your blood pumping in the morning.

Coffee Mug– use a coffee mug instead of a cup you can buy a cute homemade one, or just bring your own from home. Another option would be to buy the gas station mug and refill that. They normally give you a refill price when you use it and that will save you money too.

BYON (napkin) I’m amazed at how many paper towels we go through at work. There is this one co-worker who brings her napkin with her everyday. I love that, why don’t I do that?

Water bottle- I love my siggs, but you can use whatever style you want. Just don’t use the disposable kind. Recycling is better than throwing away but a permanent reusable bottle is better than both. Just make sure you clean it often.

Print on two sides of the paper- I think that explains itself.

E-mail don’t print- For example directions to your next meeting? Don’t print them off either use your GPS or e-mail them to your phone so you can just read them off of that.

Use technology- I will admit I like using a paper planner, there is just something about it. However these days its very easy to sync your desktop calendar to your pda and often much more convenient. (who wants to lug that planner around all the time.)

Again I understand somethings need to be done fact to face but use web conferencing or video conferencing as much as possible, instead of flying/driving somewhere.

Well there are just a few I’m sure there are a lot more out there.

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  1. Ooh thanks for the hints, I'm lucky enough to work in an place that has dishes available to use and then a sink and soap and such to wash them.

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