Bathroom distruction!

Day 1 and 2 you saw pictures of before it was mostly removing the accessories (soap dish, towel bars, TP holder and the like) it was ridiculous when I finally got them out some had 4-6 inches of plaster on the back of them…yikes.
Here are the pictures from Day 3 and 4 I got a lot done this weekend!
This is where the toilet used to be, my friend Kristin and I were doing such a good job of removing the base tile we decided to remove the toilet. I have to admit this is what I was most proud of that day. It’s not hard to do but neither of us had done it before so we both felt kind cool when it was done.
You can also see that all of the tile and drywall behind and to the side is gone those were the first wall that lost the pink tile, another proud moment.
Kristin and I removed most of the tile (just one row left behind the sink) on day 3 and that was amazing.)My goal for day 4 was wall paper and the counter top/sink. Wall paper came down no problem.
The sink/counter was another story, I removed the tile behind the counter and cut the caulking around the sink and removed the water and drain pipes, no problem. Then I started chipping away at the tile, can you say over kill? 1 inch ply-wood metal mesh, concrete and then the mortar and tile…yikes. I was so discourage I stopped
Then at 9:20 at night when I was showing the hubby what I had gotten accomplished that day we decided to try and get the sink out. With my husband and a pry bar it came out no problem. So then we tackled the counter top it came out in one piece and we got both out in less than 20 min. What a great end to the night!
So this is what it locks like now I have a few scraps of wall paper to get down some sanding and cleaning up of edges. The last big project is removing the floor if its anything like the counter top its going to be a bear.

So this is where we are at. Just ignore the hole it will be covered by the new shower wall. I think I will be ready when my dad comes on friday!

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  1. WOW! I didn’t see this post before. This is SO much work! Wow! Now I know who to come to for questions if/when we do our bathroom! Great work!!!!!

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