My clothes are getting tight….

I’ve been sitting in this:

far too much. With this new ‘desk’ job and far to much sugar (how long will that be a problem for me haven’t I cut it out of my diet like 24 times?) I currently weigh the most I ever have. This is only a problem because

1) I haven’t grown an inch in the last 5 years and, 2) I don’t want to buy all new clothes.

I’ve noticed that since getting married my eating habits have not improved as much as I expected them too (when I stopped traveling so much.) We are slowly both craving healthier foods but it has taken a while. The big problem for me is portion control on snacks, I eat MANY small handfuls of trail mix or peanut butter filled pretzels at work. Decently healthy options if you eat them in moderation, I don’t. I also like McDonalds, alot which honestly goes aginst everything I believe in as far as health and greeness. So that needs to change.

So its time to make some changes. We just got a new bow flex off of craigslist (cheap and green) and also have a stair stepper and a elliptical so here we go! Wish me luck.

A few other insperations have been my friend Kristin (who was never overweight she just haden’t lost that final baby weight) who looks amazing and has two kids ands is VERY active in the Church with her kids and other mom groups. If she can do it why cant I? The other insperation was this post buy Sara: Sara has two great blogs and they are what inspired me to start my change over to a better lifestyle back in the day.

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