Greening my Make-up

I’m currently researching cost effective natural make-up. My hope is that after I find natural make-up I want to transition to natural facial cleansers. I have some acne problems and I think the transition will help (I will let you know.) So the first thing I’m trying Everyday Minerals you can get a Free Sample of their colors and coverage styles all you have to pay is the shipping! I’m excited to try it out, they even have a matte oil absorbing formula which may eliminate the need for me to use a 2nd powder!! I’ll let you know what you think. (They just came last night I’m going to try this this weekend when I have time to play!)

If you were perchance wondering what prompted this though pattern here it is, this is my wonderful, soft, bamboo towel. This is what it looks like after coming into contact with my harsh acne soap:

Since this is a bamboo and organic towel they don’t use the harsh dyes that other towels do (one of the reasons I bought it) and in normal conditions they hold up just like any other quality towel. But when exposed to harsh chemicals it messes with the color 🙁 Oh well it works just fine it just won’t be hanging as a display towel anymore.

This isn’t going to be a fast transition first I have to use up the stuff I have and then switch over. But I will keep you updated as I go along.

In the mean time let me know what natural products you have tried and love.

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