Thoughts on Thursdays

‘The ‘game’ of life.”

Recent postings and revelations have lead me to find that one of my love languages is “words of affirmation” and even though I shouldn’t need them to feel good about myself they still are a way of showing love. But there is no way my spouse knows that this is something I want unless I tell him.

Just for a funny example, we have been playing a lot of Mario Wii its a team play game and often times right before we die one of us does something dumb to the other one. The next thing one of us says is “why did you do that?” We do best if before we start we tell the other person our plan. Same in life huh? It would just be easier if we would tell each other our game plan. Let each other know what we need to succeed. We can’t expect it if they don’t know what we need.

I actually have not read the book “5 love languages yet” let me know if you think I should! I do believe in the whole concept though I think people do show and receive love in different ways.

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