My contradicting opinions on self worth.

So yes I’m still going through the book “The Search for significance” slowly but surly. Anyway I’m now working my way through he work book part and one question asked me this:

“Is it difficult to view yourself in terms other than your performance or others opinions of you? If so why?”

I found my answer pretty interesting, if I do say so myself. It went something like this: At work I have no problem with my self-worth I know I’m a good interpreter and I do my job well. However at home or with friends and family my works are only ‘good’ if they approve.

Humm interesting, looking this over and thinking about it, it may have something to do with opinions none the less. At work I often hear good job, nice stats, its good to have you here. I know I’m appreciated. But outside of work we don’t do that (not just my family and friends all people) we don’t take the time to appreciate people for what they do and for the support they give us. I guess this is really two fold, what am I expecting from people and what am I giving people?

Here is the definition of self-worth from the book pg 163 “ Self-worth, often called self-esteem or personal significance, is characterized by a quite sense of self-respect and a feeling of satisfaction with who we are. true self -worth, unlike pride, is not based on an evaluation of our performance.”

I guess you could say one of my love languages was words of affirmation, but my self-worth should not depend on them.

I’m taking this as a challenge how can I encourage those around me?

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