Thoughts on Thursday

“Make decisions together.”
Marriage is a team effort I don’t think anyone would deny that. However many couple have divided up the areas that we are in charge of. She takes care of the house, he takes care of the bills and so on. Personally I want my husband involved, I want him to have an opinion. When I ask him something I want to hear his answer. That doesn’t mean I will agree all of the time. But I value his opinion.
Money matters are the #1 reason for conflict in a relationship (marriage or dating.) Make sure that you are on the same page with how much you want to save/spend each month. Is paying of your mortgage or other loans early a priority? What about eating out do you need to limit how often your buying dinner? This is the start of the new year and a great time to get on the same page.
We don’t have children but what about making sure you are in like mind about the way you discipline them as well as your expectations of them.
Never forget to say I love you, and mean it!

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