Shopping Smart Pet Edition

(Yikes I didn’t know I had so much to say on the subject so I split it up in to subjects)

I’ve been doing a lot of bargain hunting and savvy shopping lately and while some of these these things seem pretty normal to me they may not be for everybody. So here are some of the ways I shop smart:

Pet Food~ Here is an expense I think people take for granted and just pay the full price no matter what. However there are some easy ways to save some money. First of all have your dog or cat on a rotation of foods, so they don’t get board, and so that you can feed them what ever is on sale that week/month. Our puppy is on 2 different brands and since right now he is in that puppy growth stage we are trying to keep him on high quality food without going broke. I have found that PetSmart has great sales on their food (3-7 dollars off a bag) each week it rotates. Just pay attention and when your kind is on sale buy it! Check the expiration dates and buy as many as you think you can use before that date. Also sign up for the brands clubs. I just got a free bag (after rebate) from Royal Canine and a $5.00 off coupon from BillJac!!! Plus there will be more deals heading our way

As for Greenie ways to feed your pet, yikes that’s a tricky one, look for dog foods that have all whole ingredients and as little fillers and chemicals as possible I personally like the BillJac brand for that. Also buy the big bags (less paper waste.) Also you could prepare food at home (expensive but then you are in full control of what goes in.) Buying local is another way to be green (less transport fees) if your in Minnesota some local companies for dog food is Dog Fuel and Nutri Source. Its also a good idea to get your gear (at least the big stuff like a kennel) on Craigslist or free cycle, that saves money too! Many thrift stores also have gear from time to time. Also I know its not the nicest way, but have your dog do his/her business in your yard and then pick it up every few days not each and every time and use bio-degradable bags. This will save a lot of plastic!

Here is my cute hubby and puppy!

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