Shop Smart Food Edition

I would like to reitterate that some of these things are very basic but everyone has to start somewhere right?

Get a deep freezer on sale, on craigslist, or better yet free from a family member (thats what I did) and stock up on sales!!! One of my favorite (and somewhat heathy) ways to eat fish is to buy the ” No Name Steak” brand, however it is expensive around $16.00, but if you pay attention it will go on sale for $9.99!! When this happens I buy as many as they allow and then go back the next day and buy more. Don’t forget you can do this with just about everything including bread, just make sure that the bread is fully frozen before it has something on top of it and only stack other light things on top of it.

Another good use for the freezer are the warehouse stores, always double check the price and make sure it is something you will use often but this is a great way to save money (and packaging even for the greenie.)

Double your discounts, if your a coupon clipper ( I try but they don’t often have the kind of food I buy) watch for double days. Around here Rainbow foods has double days on Wednesdays and for a limited time also on Saturdays.

When available shop at the farmers market, this is not only green (especially if you bring your own bags) it can be cheaper. Make sure you are buying whatever is in season and compare the different vendors chances are there is a better deal out there, also don’t be afraid to barter.

Now I know I’m a ‘greenie’ but I’m not completely on the organic band wagon just yet. I do however believe there is some validity to the movement. So if you would like to buy organic but save a little money here is what I would suggest as far as fruits and vegetables go. If they have a thick skin that you don’t eat (bananas, avocados, oranges that kind of thing) buy normal. If they have a skin that you do eat (apples, tomatoes and so on) buy organic.

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