Thoughts on Thursdays

“Recognize each others priorities”
Pictures are of great importance to me, the hubby recognizes that and even encourages it! Not only my shutterbug habits but also my scrapbooking. He likes paintball and hockey and since he has a desk job if the opportunity comes up for him to play either (and we have the time) I encourage him to go. Those two things are easy and obvious but what about the less obvious things?
Hubby hates dirty dishes in the sink, I don’t like them either but after cooking I’m not really in the mood to do them right away. This drives him crazy. Really what would it hurt for me to spend an extra 5-20 min doing them no instead of later? Then when he gets home he wouldn’t have to see that mess first thing as he walks into the house. This would make his nights so much more relaxing.
Hubby knows I cherish time with him especially when I’m sick, yesterday I was SICK. He was so good about sticking with me, checking in on me when I was sleeping. I don’t think he has any idea how much that meant to me he just knew it was the right thing to do.
Just making sure that we are aware of each others priorities and then making them a priority ourselves I think we could eliminate a lot of the ‘everyday’ frustration in marriage.

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