The risk of self-worth.

I’ve finished the book, The Search for Significance, and now I’m going through the workbook section. Its been an interesting ride, I’ve learned a lot I just wish I could implement some of the strategies faster. Of course it takes a long time to overide 26 years of doing the opposite.

Anyway that is not my point, through this journey I’ve been doing a lot of observing of other people trying to figure out how they tick, and this morning as I was driving to work I had an interesting thought.

“If we focus to much on what we think of ourselves and not what others think, that we get stuck. We don’t realize the parts of us that still need improvement or the parts of us that are still hurting.” (I hope that makes sense this is hard to explain)
This is why its so vital to keep God in the mix as well as solid Christian friends. We need people around us to encourage us and point out things that we are doing wrong. I know the word conviction isn’t a popular one but just think of where the world would be without Godly conviction let alone legal conviction….yikes.
I guess I was under the impression that if I could just stop living life for other peoples opinions I would be good. I never thought about that fact that since I’m an all or nothing type of girl this could fall drastically the other way. Instead of worrying about what others think there are some that don’t care at all what others think, they are always right and are living for themselves. There needs to be a balance between depending on others opinions to make you happy and not caring at all.

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