Recycling Rules

I just got our city magazine and saw a great list of things we can recycle in our curbside pick up. These are pretty standard items but check with your town to make sure what they accept and what they do not.

PAPER- Magazines, Mail, Newspaper, Newspaper inserts, Office papers, Phone Books, School papers, Shredded paper In a closed paper bag.
PAPER BOXES- Cake Mix Boxes, Cardboard boxes, Cereal Boxes, Electronics boxes, Gift Boxes, Medication boxes, Toiletry Boxes, Shoe boxes, Toothpaste boxes. (General rule if the product is in the cupboard then its recyclable if its in the fridge, freezer or microwave you can not.)
GLASS- good and beverage bottles and jars
METAL- Aluminum food and beverage cans, Steel food and beverage cans
PLASTIC- Dish washing bottles and detergent jugs, Ketchup and salad dressing bottles, Milk and juice jugs, Shampoo, soap and lotion bottles, water, soda and juice bottles.
*Hints* Remove all caps lids and pumps, give it a quick rinse, leave the labels on, do not place in plastic bags.
Don’t Recycle
PAPER- Boxes soiled with food, Boxes from the refrigerated or frozen foods, Cups, Egg cartons, Gift wrap, Juice boxes, Milk cartons, Napkins, Paper towels, Pizza boxes, Plates
GLASS- Containers that held hazardous products, Drinking glasses, Window and mirror glass.
METAL- Aerosol cans, Containers that held hazardous products such as paint thinner, Paint cans.
PLASTIC- Lawn edging and hoses, Tubs and cups (ie cottage cheese and yogurt) produce containers, plastic wrap.

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