10 ways to be a little more green.

1. When taking a drive together try to take the car that gets better mileage (unless you really need the truck)

2. Make a plan and try to do all of your errands on one day in one trip.

3. Cook at home and from scratch as much as possible.

4. Go paperless, bills, IRA statements, coupons even (only print the ones you will use)

5. Use cloth napkins even at work.

6. Drink loose tea and use a mug to make it not a paper bag.

7. Don’t blow dry your hair wash it the night before towel dry and then sleep on it.

8. Turn off the lights when you leave a room and use the new light bulbs.

9. Use your digital camera (rechargeable batteries,) review your pictures edit and only print the pics you need.

10. If you don’t need it don’t print it if you may need it someday back it up on an external hard drive.

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