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Humm so I was reading my book again (“The Search for Significance” by Robert S. McGee) and once sentence really hit me not just for spiritual reasons but for relationship reasons. Here it is ” Conviction deals with your behavior, not our status before God.”( pg133 in the new version)

This is also, I believe, how we should view our marriages. We need to understand that when our spouse is correcting or asking us to change something it doesn’t affect their love for us its simply a behavior that needs adjustment. I have a bad habit of forgetting where I placed my phone and it drives my husband nuts however I know that when he points it out to me he doesn’t love me any less he just doesn’t want to spend money on a new phone.

However I have a harder time accepting that reality when he is pointing out my tone or something like that. Then it is much harder to remember the ‘love’ part and go straight to feeling guilty. This changes how I think he views my ‘status’ when in fact it does not. He still loves me just the same but he is trying to improve our communication.

Guilt refers to our status and how we think others feel about us.

Conviction is without guilt it doesn’t change our status there is just room for improvement.

Wow, that could change marriages right there. If we could train ourselves to view things this way….If we could simply remember throughout the corrections and annoyances that you still love each other and your are only trying to better the marriage not tear each other apart or blame them for everything. We also make sure we are approaching things this way, building the marriage not tearing it down.

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