Why do we ‘do’ devotions?

So what is so great and magical about devotions? Stick with me here I know this sounds bad. But really what is the purpose?

Many people do devotions because they are supposed to, not because they are motivated to learn. I’m not saying devotions are bad, I’m saying they are bad if we are doing the for the wrong reason. We wont learn anything plus we will feel guilt if we miss a day or two. If we feel like we have to do it then it becomes homework.

I will admit I’m not good at devotions, and when I am…I don’t get much out of it because it feels like a chore. I learn a lot however talking with Ryan and then we start digging trough the Bible to see what it has to say. We are very careful to check things in context and history (which he knows much more about) to make sure we aren’t bending the words to mean what we want them too.

So don’t ‘do’ devotions because you have to, learn because you want to. I’ve found that I learn a lot more once a week when I’m motivated and focused vs every day when its just a chore.

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