Are we expecting too much?

How can we expect a secular world to celebrate Christmas the way we do?

I was just looking at a website that was encouraging people not to shop at stores that didn’t say Merry Christmas. One of the targeted stores was GAP since there commercials say “celebrate whatever you wanaka.” Here are my two cents, just because a store says Merry Christmas it doesn’t mean they are celebrating for the same reasons I am. It just means they haven’t felt the pressure to be come politically correct (at least not yet.) Stores celebrate Christmas for one reason, money. Any one ever heard of black Friday?

The real reason for Christmas is not fancy trees (as my hubby pointed out Jesus didn’t have one) and presents. Its the birth of Jesus Christ who would die for our sins, MY sins and save all who believe from hell. How many of us truly celebrate that this season? If we don’t how can we expect the stores to?

You can do whatever you want I don’t have a problem either way (if you shop at the happy holidays stores or not) but don’t think that they are horrible stores. They are focused on selling nothing else. If they feel they will get more people in the store by doing _______ then they will do it. Its the same on valentines day, mothers day and all the rest.

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