2 years later.

Two years ago today I decided to stay home with Mark (my husband.) He was having a bad morning and I decided to wait with him until his Dad arrived. Around 6:45 that night Mark was healed, in heaven. I miss him, I always will, he was my first love and that will never change. We had a great life, a hard one, but we always made the most of it.

We were asked once how we dealt with doubt (in God) Mark was mystified “What would we doubt, me being sick doesn’t change the fact that Jesus died for my sins.” Amen, I feel the same way. While life might be hard I’ve never doubted the truth of my faith.

Mark told me many times that he just wanted me happy, even if that meant I was married again 2 weeks later. I thought he was crazy, but then just when I was at a crossroads I met Ryan. He has blessed me so much. He helped get me out of my pity party and start living life again. Something I had stopped doing after Mark passed. He is helping me with my desire to always ‘make things better.’ That was my job for 3 1/2 years with Mark and while I wouldn’t change anything its hard to live your life only being happy when those around you are happy.

So who would thing this is where I would be 2 years later? Not me, but I’m going to keep living life the way Mark taught me. Looking forward, never taking one day for granted.

Here is the link to our blog while Mark was sick :http://mhoftyzer.spaces.live.com/default.aspx
I will never forget you Mark.

In HIS Grip,


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