Going green, why?

There are a lot of reasons people go green:

Money (depending on how you do it)
Save the world or just take care of it.
Its the trendy thing to do

With the exception of the last one these are all reasons I do what I do.

This is the main reason I started I have skin allergies to harsh chemicals as well as I was feeling run-down all the time. After reading my friends blog at www.happyfoody.com (although she doesn’t post as much anymore) and doing so studying my self I found out that I was doing it to myself!!! Our bodies weren’t created to eat chemicals (umm Adam and Eve anyone?) and my skin just couldn’t take it. This started a massive change it what I eat and what I clean with.

A lot of the things I do that are green are also economical, eating leftovers instead of take out at work. Cloth napkins, a programmable thermostat, thrift shopping, that sort of thing. Even using cloth bags saves me .05 each at Target and the grocery store!

Taking care of our planet.
I don’t believe I’m going to save the world but I can take care of it. If we have the technology to recycle then why not? If I can choose between a recycled notebook and new harvest why not? Really what would it hurt?

Even if you have a dog you don’t need 300 plastic Wal-Mart bags, I used to go out twice a week and clean up my yard not after every time what a waste.

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