Off…but not really.

So you turn off your TV and then your saving electricity right? Well kinda. You are saving electricity but its not totally off. You have to unplug appliances when your done using them (not your refrigerators people;) to fully power them off.

For example you can plug your computer printer and all of your peripherals in to a power strip so that its one easy switch. I will do this once I get my laptop dock area set up, the printer and monitor will be in a power strip so that when I’m not using them they are all the way off. This is also great for your TV/DVD/X box and such. One suggestion if you use a satellite receiver or DVR keep that plugged in separately since they take forever to re-start. Another thing you can only unplugg sometiems is your garage door opener unplug it when your on vacation or away for the weekend, it not only makes your house safer but it saves energy!

Here is a list of a few things that suck energy even when they are ‘off’ or not in use:
multifunction printers
flat-screen TVs
CD players
power tools
hand-held vacuums
Microwave Oven

Here is a good study of “Energy Vampires”
Here is a good link:

While it’s true each individual product draws relatively little standby power, the LBNL says that when added together, standby power can amount to 10% of residential energy use.

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