Green your wardrobe.

No I’m not talking organics, remember I’m a thrifty greenie.

Repair- I’ve been doing a lot of this lately. Belt loops break, hems drop, small holes need repaired, buttons sewen back on. All of these things save money and are a good way to be ‘green.’

Buy used- For those items that are trendy or you don’t ware daily or weekly buy at a consignment store. However not all consignments sores are created equal so scout them out first. Also check over the garment thoroughly to make sure there are no stains, holes or weak spots.

Buy Quality- For those items you will be wearing buy quality that way you could only buy once in the time that most would buy 2 or 3. For me this is my work pants and I learned this lesson the hard way.

Take care of your shoes- Spray them with water protectant or use mink oil, keep this polished and cleaned. Instead of buying new shoes re-sole them.

Use a Dark soap- just like your shoes take care of your dark clothing I typically use a green detergent but for my darks (work clothes) I use either Woolite or cheer dark, this really saves my blacks and makes them last A LOT longer again trust me on this one I learned the hard way.

These are all things I do and honestly don’t take a lot of extra effort. I sew and polish while I’m watching TV, really no extra time at all.

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