A few green cleaning tips

~Use cloth instead of paper towels, this can save a lot of paper, manufacturing impact and chemicals. I understand there are somethings that you just need a paper towel for and that is fine but most everyday cleaning can be done with a towel or micro fiber cloth.

~Use cleaning concentrate as the basis for all of your cleaning products. If you look at your ingredients the first one is always water, what a waste of plastic to hold that extra water each time you buy a new bottle. Instead buy a concentrate that can make many bottles and use the same spray bottles over and over to mix the cleaners in. I use Shaklee and their one base can make, household cleaner, window cleaner, and a degreaser. Then when I empty the concentrate bottle recycle it!

~If you like to use pre-made cleaners buy ones with less harsh chemicals with recyclable containers.

~Use the dishwasher but fill it up!!! Believe it or new efficient dishwashers use less water than hand washing.

~Use laundry concentrate (less plastic because there is no water added) and biodegradable dryer sheets.

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