Thoughts on Thrsdays

Don’t just listen,change.
So its fair to say that when you get married you will find some flaws in yourself. If your lucky enough not to see them yourself your spouse might be willing to point them out for you. Now while that may be hard to hear, trust me its hard to say as well. I certainly don’t want to tell the Hubby things I know will hurt him. However somethings just need to be said. So here is my advice for the day, don’t just listen when your spouse points something out (or you notice yourself) change it!!! I know it maybe hard, its probably something you have either done forever or do self consciously but try.
Apparently I’m a pushy person, that wasn’t easy to hear but I’m sure it was even harder for the Hubby to deal with. I tend to repeat the same thing over and over and over and well you get the point till I annoy Him into doing it. So I’m working on it. I’m guessing this wont be an overnight change but I’m working on it.

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