Thoughts on Thrusdays

So this is called thoughts on Thursdays and I’m excited to share things from my marriage (new as it may be) that make it work.
“Take care of those you love”
This Sunday I started to feel a little off, but we finally got a group of friend together to go to Buca, something we have been trying to do for weeks, so I took a nap and off we went. Afterward we ended up going to a friends house and hanging out for a while. Hubby was happy for some guy time and I had fun with my girl Vee. However the next day I was feeling worse, but we had plans, things that needed to be done, so we did them. But when we got home Ry sat me down and started making me relax, made me soup, got blankets, water and anything else I needed. It was great! Then Tuesday I tried to go to work (bad idea) after coming back home, he tucked me in and took me to the doctor later after I woke up from my 3 1/2 hour nap.
I feel so very loved when he does things like this, Its amazing to know that this man loves me so much that he will put his stuff aside just to look after me, I am one blessed girl.
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