“Thoughts on Thursdays”

“We are different and that’s OK”
There are advantages and disadvantages to getting married at any age. When my Hubby and I got married we were both older we had been on our own for a while and we had our own ways of doing things. I’m a planner and depending on my stress/exhaustion level I don’t deal with change well (although some days I do just fine.) Hubby is more spur of the moment or nah I don’t feel like it type of guy (if something is planned already.) To be honest this drives me nuts, however I’m very aware that ‘my way’ is not necessarily the right way. I need to learn that not every moment needs to be planned and that if things don’t happen I most likely won’t die. This is something I can learn from my hubby.
There are many other differences between the hubby and I, I’m trying to view them as learning opportunity’s for both of us. I’m sure we will discover many more differences along the way, but that is OK. I love him, and I’ll learn from him, and maybe even he will learn from me 😉
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