Green Bedroom Makeover

I added pictures!

Now this is not the change everything to a green product kind of make-over this is how can being green also help us be economical so here it is.

~We ripped of the wall paper with a steamer not chemicals (cheaper and faster in my opinion some people have luck with the sprays but not me.)

~Painted the walls with low VCO paint and left the paint color on the bottom that was already there (used less paint which is cheaper and better for the environment)

~Ripped up the old carpet and refinished some wood floors. (There are chemicals in the stain and poly but there would have been manufacturing footprints with buying bamboo floor and this was cheaper)

~Instead of buying a whole new ceiling fan (ours had wicker on the blades and yucky gold bubbly light covers) I just cleaned it up flipped the blades (the other side was solid wood veneer) and bought new globes. It only cost $28.00!


~We did buy a closet system (fail I know but the closets were TINY !!) They were not green…

~Instead of buying a new nightstand so we could have one on both sides of the bed I found a large freestanding jewelry box (which I’ve been looking for anyway) at a garage sale (reused and cheap!)

Woo Hoo!


One thought on “Green Bedroom Makeover

  1. I took the wicker inserts out when I flipped the blades, so that dust can’t collect in all the nooks and crannys

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