Thoughts on Thursdays

“Be There”
This is my own topic my own words so it might not be magical but its what I’m feeling right now.
Since I’ve moved to MN it seems like its been one thing after the other some good others not so good.) There have been a lot of things going on in my life lately but this week has been a dozzy. Waiting for test results, Dutch, some family things, and so on. Most of these things have affected me harder than Ry but he has been amazing. He isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary he is just there for me. Last night I was sorting through pics and saw Dutch as a puppy I started to tear up again he say me and just pulled me into his chest and held. That means so much.
I know that God is someone I can ALWAYS count on but is sure is nice to have someone “with skin on” to make it real sometimes. Just listening when I’m scared or sad and holding me the rest of the time .
Be there, just be there for them. Even if you don’t understand why they need you.

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