Ok I honestly don’t know what is going on in this world I posted on a similar topic not to long ago the title of that one was “De-Masculating Men.” Today’s topic is a little broader I would like to talk about respect in general.

“Back in the day” we had respect for police, those older than us, our parents, customers, customer service, and just people we passed by on the street….what happened? I’ve seen two examples of this in the last 18 hours that made me think, one bad and one good. Lets start with the bad:

This morning while driving to work I heard some comments on the Cambridge Police and the recent arrest of Professor Henry Louis Gates. Admittedly I don’t know much about the situation and after a Internet search I was more confused than ever. However the point that stuck out to me was a lack of respect for the officer. Now I’m not saying this is true in this specific situation, it was just brought up as a possibility, but I know it is true far to often. People feel inconvenienced by men and women just doing their job. Trust me they aren’t just picking on you, I have plenty of friends and family who are cops and everything they do generates paper work. Why would they add un-necessary paperwork? I know I know its inconvenient and frustrating, but guess what its their job, and over all they do a great job.

On to the good:

Last night I watched a show called “Toddlers and Tiaras” its not something I watch regularly but I was curious…. Anyway there was one family who had 5 girls all in the pageant world and two of them were twins. One shy (at least on camera) and reserved the other more outspoken and well bratty (at least on camera.) At one point they talked with the dad and he said he wasn’t thrilled with the pageant world but he coincided with his wife. However half way through one of the pageants the “bratty” twin had a fit and was living up to my description of her the dad talked with the mom and they agreed to take her out of the competition for the day. The wife later had a comment saying something like “I wasn’t happy about it but I agreed out of respect for my husband!” Woo Hoo not only do I agree this was the right decision but I also believe that the respect statement was great! Why don’t we see this more often in life?

I admit I fail at this myself but I’m going to work on it.

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