Life is Amazing

I’m back form one AMAZING honeymoon. God is so very very very good!
I’ve had my hard times no doubt, but lets be honest everybody has this world is full of pain and sin. I have friends losing jobs they have had for years, ones who would make the most amazing parents unable to have children. People lose loved ones everyday from death, addiction, abandonment, and illness. I am not the only one out there who has suffered a great loss. However I’m here today to tell you about the many, many ways God had taken care of me. Here is the best example I can possibly give you:


The wedding was great, everything literally worked out perfectly and if it didn’t behind the scenes I wasn’t aware. We celebrated with our Family and closest friends (who could make it) and it was wonderful. The house is a mess and for one of the first times ever I couldn’t care less. God is showing me his grace, love and wisdom in so many different ways.

1) I moved to Iowa, as much as I don’t like to admit it without that move I might not have opened up my calender more to my friends and we would have never gotten as close as we are now. Plus I got to be close to family for a while, that was great to see them so much. I didn’t get a lot of that the past few years. Also my friends are the ones who introduced me to Ryan!

2) Between Ryan and the pre-marital counseling I’m becoming more willing to share my emotions and not to feel the need to be “super-woman.” This has been a struggle for me over the past few years. There have been times and will be times in the future that I need to be “super-woman” but not all the time. There is a difference with being strong and being stupid…I’m so afraid of being weak that its hard for me to be vulnerable. These last few weeks have been a real learning process for me. Part of which is breaking my ‘people-pleaser’ mentality.

3) Greenie, I’m not going to sit here and preach that the world is going to end if we don’t all “go green” however I will tell you that I think somethings just make sense. I also do believe God created us to eat the food he created and I know that I feel heathier when I’m eating more healthy and natural foods than when I’m eating stuff that was created in a factory somewhere. This has been very evident to me twice in my life but one was these last few weeks. Life has been crazy and I’ve been eating out more than ever. I’m sluggish and more irritable than normal. So yeah working on going back to my heathy eating lifestyle.

Well thats enought for now, what has God been teaching you?

Amber DeYoung

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