Excited and yet the same…

So I’m really excited about the wedding coming up don’t take the title of this wrong. However I’m still working and that is what makes everything feel the same. Plus I’ve honestly done about everything I can do before the wedding so I just have to sit and wait for the day to get closer before I can do anything. Those to things together make it hard to realized its really happening this week! Tomorrow is my last day of working and I’m going to a concert with a friend so I think that will help. Then Starting on Thursday I have a whole list of cleaning and prep to do so that should help the “is this really happening” feeling subside.

So why prey-tell am I soo stressed out? Do you ever think we girls just stress out because we think we should be? I’m beginning to think so. I wanted to go on a date last night with Ryan since the rest of this week is going to be pretty hectic and I don’t know how much quality time I’ll have with him, but I felt like I couldn’t there just had to be something I NEEDED to do. I thought through my list and realized there were a few things I needed his help for so we got those done and then went on a date. IT was great! Uggh so there we are back at the major point of a recent post, choosing your attitude. Well I guess Its true….

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