Not so little Brother

So my “little” brother is getting married on Saturday and I must admit I’m not quite sure what to do with this fact. I’m excited for him, you can see how excited he is. But he is my brother and I’m not sure I want to share. I like hanging out just him and me. We have always been great friends. In fact just the other day he called and asked me for advice before buying something. However I understand that all good things come to an end. But in fact this is just the beginning of a new life for him and a new sister for me.

There are so many changes going on in my life right now (most of them good) I was having a hard time dealing with all of them for a while. I seem to be doing quite a bit better now though. I’ve been, moving, unpacking, painting, hanging out with friends that I haven’t seen in a while, planning a wedding, going to weddings and so on… Yikes. There is also a lot going on around me. I would like to ask for prayer for some of my friends in this regard. I would like you to pray for Natalie A. She had brain surgery 5 weeks ago to remove a non-Cancerous tumor that was causing problems and has been in the hospital ever since with complications. They recently put in a shunt to try to help with the extra fluid build up in her skull. I would also like to have you pray for a friend who has some family stuff going on that I can’t disclose just pray for protection and wisdom.

All in all life is going great and honestly getting better by the second. There were a few bumps along the way but life is good. I’m back to cooking, and making heather and yes greener decisions again (although I must admit not for the wedding we have a tight budget.) So you should be seeing more and more insightful posts in the near future.

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