A few new rules

So here are a few new “rules” for the next few months. Maybe if I write them down I’ll stick to them better:
1) Try to drink 2 sigg bottles of water while at work.
2) No blatant sugar till the wedding (It makes me break out.)
3) While interpreting I will not have anything up on the computer to distract me (unless on hold.)
4) Start cooking again (I’m so excited its been a looong time since I’ve really cooked.)

Now to talk about some old rules. Fiance and I started premarital counseling the other day and the Pastor gave us a book to read. One of the questions it asked are what are the unspoken rules you have for life? I found this interesting here are a few of mine:
1) Don’t be late, if you can be early.
2) Always kiss me goodnight/later(good-bye.)
3) You don’t need Drinks, appetizers, and dessert when eating out (except on special occasions.)
5) Pick up after yourself.

Just to name a few. I can definitely see how these could create conflict in a marriage or even with friends.

What are some of your unspoken rules? Think about dinner, holidays (traditions,) the house and stuff like that.

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