Lots to say….

…but will I remember it all probably not. I wanted to type this up yesterday it was wordless Wednesday so what is a girl to do?

Ok Swine Flu, really?!?! The ‘normal’ flu takes around 3,000 lives a year and everyone gets it at some point. So why are we so worked up about this one that so far has only one death? I mean that is nothing to take lightly but…I guess my real problem isn’t with the flu. (although I do keep trying to add an e at the end of the word) its with the “the world is coming to an end, lets only report things with a negative spin” attitude I don’t like. I stopped watching the news a long time ago because I couldn’t/didn’t want to deal with that much doom and gloom. Sure I’m not as informed about what is going on but I find I’m a generally happier person than most and I think that may have something to do with it.

Ok next subject. I’ve been failing miserably with my ‘no sugar’ thing. But I started again yesterday and success! I did have one chocolate (but it was the last one in my house.) However the bigger deal is I didn’t have any at work (and there is plenty of temptation) I’m going to be flexible with myself this weekend with 2 birthdays and a wedding shower but besides those I think I’m going to be ok. I think my body was going through withdrawals yesterday I ended up with a migraine…who knows what from but I’m blaming lack of sugar.

I’m still hung up on this whole Miss. America thing. I guess I don’t see the problem, with her answer (except the grammar.) In my opinion it was a trick question, either your for or your against and if your against then your set up for failure. I think she did a good job of stating that it was her personal belief with out being disrespectful. I don’t believe it is my moral obligation to treat everyone “fairly” I think it would be nice but its not a MORAL obligation. It is my Moral obligation to stand up for my beliefs while being respectful of other people. Its the whole “love the sinner hate the sin” thing in practice. I know people who are gay, and they know I don’t agree with their life style. However I can honestly say these two people are some of the nicest, hard working people I’ve every met. I still don’t understand how people are so crazy about freedom of speech until it disagrees with their point of view. Don’t slam us and we shouldn’t go around slamming you. Promote your cause peacefully not with disrespect and the same is true in reverse. We need to support our cause with respect not craziness.

Humm thats all I can remember for now, and I think that is plenty.

In HIS Grip,

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