Mommy wow….

….I’m a big girl now.

You would think being nearly 26 years old and going through everything I’ve been through I would have thought that a long time ago. The truth is I have, many times over but in different areas of my life. Bills, work, navigating the health system. But I’ve really struggled with one, but I’m not sure I’ve even known it was a struggle till recently. My attitude is directly affected by those around me. I don’t’ mean other peoples attitude affect my own (that is natural) I’m just simply talking about peoples presence. People that make me nervous or I feel threatened by make me crabby and defensive. People I want to impress make me nervous and on edge. I’ve been living my whole life with these emotions surrounding me for no good reason. I need to stop letting other people mere presence affect me. So now that I’ve realized it, what do I do???


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