Easter Challange

I had something very exciting happen this weekend. I was challenged, and not just by anybody but by my future husband. I’ve been praying for a man that would challenge and help cultivate my faith, and boy do I have one!

I called Ryan Easter morning (he had to work early) and not too far into the conversation he asked me why today was any different than any other day as a Christian. This perplexed me at first, what could he mean by that it was EASTER after all “He is Risen!” I stumbled over my answer in till I understood his meaning. Later after I had time to wake up and process what he was asking me I e-mailed back a response here it is:

“Your right today in the big picture of life isn’t any different than yesterday. However even I a “good Christian” (in saying that statement I have judged people as worse than I and put myself up on a pedestal.) Don’t remember His death and resurrection the way I should. I go through most days without praying, without being in his word, without acknowledging him at all…. When people ask me to defend my faith I often can’t give them a Biblical reference for what I believe I just know “its in there somewhere.” (huh, maybe not such a ‘good Christian’ after all.) These are things I’m working on, and have been for a while (I’m honestly hoping that you will help with this.) So isn’t it a good idea to take one day aside every year to remember the basis of our faith? To hopefully spur us on to remember this day continually so that it isn’t a big deal next time? Heck isn’t that the point of communion that we have lost when it becomes a ritual? So many parts of our faith have become a ritual we have lost the meaning behind it all. “

This just breaks my heart. I’m never going to stop celebrating Easter, that was not the point of the question. The point is that why MUST we have a big celebration to remember this? This is the foundation of our faith, Christ dying for our sins. How could we ever forget that??? But we do, often, I know I do.

I want yesterday to be a new start for me. From now on I don’t want to go through one single day without acknowledging God and what he has done for me. This could be prayer, worship, study, or remembrance. I not only want others to see a difference in me I want to see a difference.

So please check in on me, ask me how I’m doing and if you want let me know and I will do the same for you. Also notice on the side I’ve added a prayer request list, please if you feel lead pray for those Items and feel free to comment to this post with prayer requests of your own.

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