I need to eat healthy again.

I’ve been failing in my eating habits lately and my whole body is feeling it. I’m crabby, breaking out, tired and craving sugar and fast food again.

These are all of the reasons I started eating healthy to begin with…

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and have been very busy when I’m home and I’ve been using those two things as an excuse to eat poorly. Well no more! Ryan even helped me out last night by making me a sandwich before I left the cities so that I wouldn’t have to stop and get a burger or something else equally as greasy. Tonight I’m going to make homemade chicken soup so that I have lunch for the rest of the week.

I’m also trying to find recipes to use up the things I have on hand so I don’t have to pack up a lot of food when I move. Especially since I’m moving to a friends house for the first week.

I hope to see improvements in my physical well being over the next few weeks.

I think I’m going to have to cut out sugar again to stop the cravings but that is hard with Easter here. Jelly Beans are my favorite. I’ll cut down this week and then stop after Easter. We will set up some rules then so look for that post and let me know if you want to join me or have any ideas!


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