Why do I do this to myself?

Why do I do things I know are going to frustrate me later???? I don’t understand why I would purposefully give myself grief. Example of the moment. I just looked to see if our number 1 house was still on the market…why? I don’t know, but guess what it was. We were told that we couldn’t come look at it again (we were going to make and offer) because it went pending. So we made and offer on our number 2 and it was accepted. Number 2 is a great house and far superior to anything else we had seen but number 1 was still top. Really the only difference was the kitchen but it was a big difference.

God help me to focus on the good things, we have a great house with a lot of potential to make it ‘ours’ I’m so excited for that. Please help me focus on the good things instead of the coulda shoulda wouldas.


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