Emotions are good, they can show love, joy , surprise, happiness, all of those great things. But it can also be tough. Here is my current revelation. Last night I had a lot of emotions going on, frustration, anger, sadness, stress and worry. All of these emotions at the same time caused a problem. I get confused on who gets what emotion…it sounds dumb but if you think about it I bet you do too. I give the worst emotion to the person that I’m the most comfortable with. Here is an example:

Through no fault of his own Ryan can’t come down this weekend like we had planned. At the same time I was angry about some other things and apparently decided to take it out on him. Not only that but I called him back with the express purpose of doing so (not a pretty picture.) Not cool, I don’t like it when people do that to me so why on earth would I do that to someone I Love????Anyway we talked and are fine but I want to know how to prevent this. I don’t want to accept this as reality and say ” we always take it out on those we love .” I’ve decided that’s not acceptable. So…HELP!!! Any ideas???

How do I make sure that I’m not taking out my emotions on the people I love if its not their fault/problem/issue? Honestly I need to find a better way to communicate when it is there issues as well if you have any advice on that. Have any of you been successful at this? Its going to have to be a very conscientious thing in my current situation.

Oh and a tag on question how do you address someone that you are upset with if you don’t know them that well?

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