Big Girl Pants

So God has been teaching me something lately. I’m not always right, I know I know big surprise. I’m aware I’m not always right but I have a problem admitting it sometimes and it leads to being quite rude. Especially when it is with someone I feel the need to impress, for example:

A few weeks ago, I started making a quilt. The plan was to have someone help me since it was my first one but I decided to start on my own. After all how complicated could it be? Well I was wrong. I didn’t know how to cut correctly or that you should iron and square up the fabric first. When my helper noticed she tried to explain it to me and I got defensive. I don’t remember where I went but when I came back I had an attitude check. I went back to her apologized and she taught me the right way. Luckily for me most of the blocks I already cut were salvageable!

Then again this morning. I woke up 11 min before my shift was supposed to start. I flew out of bed let the dog out got ready in minutes, let the dog back in and put him in his kennel with his food. I didn’t have time to explain to my roommate that I was going to come back over lunch to let him out. So she called my brother to ask him to come over if he had time. When she texted me that my first reaction was anger, how dare she insinuate I can’t take care of my dog….then I took a breath and realized two things. 1. I didn’t tell her I was coming back 2. She did it because she cared about Dutch!

I’m so glad that God is teaching me this lesson, I need some patience and I need to learn to take a breath before I react because SOMETIMES my reaction is wrong. I pray that I will keep working on this I hope this becomes my habit instead of just reacting.

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