What happend to us?

I interpret for a variety of people all day and somethings just shock me. I don’t understand how some of our priorities have gotten so out of whack. We crave TV over heat, I have people who will call their phone companies because they are behind on their $125.00 a month cable bill and then call their family for help on their heat bill. Umm hello? Cut of the TV and pay for the heat!!!!! We have money for beer and cigarettes but not for food? I just don’t understand.

Now I don’t have problems with those priorities, but I have acknowledged many times that I despise my desire for all things ‘worldly’ but I can’t seem to stop. Not having a TV has helped, I never fully understood how much those commercials affected me. however I still have the desire to look good for those around me. I want to have a nice house that is big enough for everything and everyone, the new car, nice TV the Wii, everything. But why?

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