Too Much to say for a wordless wednesday!

Well first off for those of you wondering the wedding date I just got a confirmation from the Church it will be July 11th! However I will warn you that this is going to be a ‘smallish’ wedding. I would like to invite everyone but you know how it goes…..

Second I wanted to follow up on an earlier post that I made about Church and why we go. I want to make sure it is clear that we as Christians, need to be fed. I think Church is a great place for that to happen but I’ve noticed that a lot of Churches today aren’t providing that so if not there, where? There are many other options, Bible classes, Bible Studies, On-line sources…and so on. Devotions (self study) are good and should be a part of life but we also need to be challenged by others. Not only in our faith, but also that our interpretations of the Word are correct. Just wanted to put that out there!

In HIS Grip,

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