So true…

I was reading the intro to the study guide for “The Faith” a 6 week study I’m starting tomorrow night and part of it hit me pretty hard:

…polls that show very little difference between Christians and the rest of society in certain key moral and spiritual areas have led some to conclude that Christianity in its present form is no longer a viable option for people seeking meaning and happiness in life. Certain leaders in the ’emerging Church’ movement want to lay aside the label ‘evangelical’ and create an entirely new identity for the faith, forged in the fires of postmodernism and pop culture.

Everywhere the pressure to change is being exerted….Believers want new programs, more ‘relevant’ worship services, contemporary music, and teaching that is less theological and more practical in its thrust.

Some of this is good and should be welcomed…

But while much must be reviewed and many things can be changed, what must NOT change is that the body of truth received by the apostles and passed on intact throughout the centuries.”

Have I compromised? Have I chosen friendship and worship over my faith. Or is that a part of my faith that needs to be addressed as long as I’m pursuing theological studies outside of the Church? Humm lots to think about.

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