WooHoo! So for you who didn’t figure out the pictures in my last post I’m engaged!

Here is how it happened:
I went up to the Cities for New Years Eve and that night before we went to our friends house for the party we opened Christmas presents and Ryan suggested that we go downtown to get some pictures of the Christmas lights (don’t ask to see them I somehow forgot my memory card.) We started out in Rice Park and then continued on around town, we stopped at Candyland (yumm!) and then went to Kellogg Park. Wow that was a beautiful site. We had a great time sliding on the ice like little kids. While we were there we looked down at the Mississippi and saw Raspberry Island, and decided to go down, that is A LOT of stairs! Once we reached the bottom we walked through the band shell and to a circle of lit up trees. Just standing in the circle looking up at Kellogg Park with Ryan standing behind me, he told me a secret. Ryan not only had managed to get New Years Day off (amazing feat in itself) but we had reservations for Mannys Steak House! Then he started fidgeting when I turned around to see what he was doing he had both hands behind his back, then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

We started back towards the car (since we were supposed to go to our friends house for a party) and on they way he told me my parents were expecting a call. He had e-mailed them and all of the friends at the party to let them in on what he was going to do that night. He had also driven around St. Paul on Monday with his friend Greg (thanks Greg) and scouted around and also set up for Greg to watch Dutch and the party to ‘start’ at 10:00 (it really started at 7:30.)

I was (really still am) in shock for the next 3 or 4 days I didn’t even call most of the people I should have I was so excited! So if any of you are those people that I forgot to call, Sorry.

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