Romans 7

A lot of the girls were confused about various parts of this chapter but when you got us all together we figured it out (at least from our perspective.) But then again I guess that is the point of a Bible Study.

So here we go. So right of the bat there is controversy vs 1-3 talk about marriage and some of the old laws related to that. However if you continue reading you will see that those verses are being used as an analogy about getting out death to sin and life with Christ. I personally find that this is a set of verses that are too often taken out of context to further someones agenda. There are verses in the Bible that speak to marriage and divorce and the rules for them, however this is not one of those places, here it is simply being use as an analogy. When you read vs 4-6 you can see the purpose of the marriage analogy. We have died to the law so that we can be belong to him and the “spirit of the law” not the written code.

Vs 7-12 again says how sinful we are and how much we need God. This is a reoccurring theme in this chapter and well worth it since as I’ve said before it is the basis of my faith. I am a sinner and because of that I need Jesus to save me. Vs. 9 is interesting to me because it is basically a summery of chapter 5. and Vs.11 reminds us that it is an everyday battle against sin.

Vs. 13-25 can be confusing but I think Nikki said it best “we need to defy Satan every day.”

Humm so there you go!

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