Ok so if you have read my past posts or have been following this blog for a little while you may remember a post about fast food/take-out. Well I’m going to have to change that goal a little…I think.

Since I’m driving up to Minnesota 2 or 3 times a month I’ve been stopping at Mc Donald’s a lot more, I must admit I like their food. However this isn’t a good thing health wise or ecologically. So what to do? I’ve taken a few steps, I have a stash of healthy snacks in the car that I eat instead of french fries, and I go in and order so I can only get the burger and a napkin or two (not a bag, and a whole wad of napkins.) Also if I happen to order a drink I can fill my Sigg bottle instead of their paper cups. But I can’t help to think there is more I could do for my health and the environment.

One idea would be to pack a sandwich but I’m not a fan of lunch meat. Any Ideas?

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