What to do???

If you have read through my old post or have been following me for a little while you may remember my post about fast food/take-out well I need to modify that goal but I’m not sure how so HELP!

I’m driving up to Minnesota a few times a month, and I do enjoy McDonald’s. I’ve already taken some steps toward healthier choices but I need more. For example I have granola, fruit leathers and other healthy snacks in my car so that when I go to fast food places I only need the burger, at least it has some nutritional value. I also go into the restaurant and order so I don’t get the bag and a huge wad of napkins just the burger and a napkin or two. Plus if I get a drink I can fill my sigg bottle instead of a paper cup, straw, and lid.

I know one idea would be to pack a sandwich but to tell you the truth I’m not a big lunch meat fan. So help, any ideas for eating healthy on the road while not stacking up too much waste?

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