Romans 6

Humm this could be hard to explain because in my notes I have arrows drawn everywhere, but we will see.

The first part of the chapter talks mostly about the meaning of baptism.

Vs. 3-4 we were baptized into the same death as Jesus and then like him were raised from the dead by Gods glory, so we could walk in a new way.

Vs. 1 should we continue in sin because of grace?

No! Why? Because of what verse 4 says we need to “walk in a new way” we can’t continue with our old ways if we have been raised from the dead (meaning the death that we deserve but have been spared from by Gods grace.) If God has saved us from this death they why do we continue to live as if we are going to die? Sin no longer has control over us (vs. 6-7) This is repeated over and over in this chapter. So not only do we see the meaning of baptism but also the application of it to our lives today.

What sin controls me that I’m not able to give up on my own?

God help me to see the areas in my life where sin controls me and help me to stop.

Vs. 15-18 tells us that we cannot be slaves to both sin and God we must choose. Obedience of Gods word brings us to righteousness.

Vs. 19-22 by your fruit you will know your master

This one is interesting to me we have all heard it a thousand times, they will know we are Christians by our love. By their fruit you will know them, and so on. But have you really taken time to think about this? What do people see when they look at you? Do they know you are different, do they know why?

Vs. 23 we deserve death but God saved us.

Romans is a very repetitive book, but that is because it is filled the foundations of our faith. If we don’t understand these basics then we can’t understand anything else. It may be repeated many times in different ways but it all comes down to the same thing, we are sinners saved by grace, amazing!

All of the verses are my own paraphrases from the CSB

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