Use it all up Challange

How many of us have multiple bottles of everything in our bathroom?
Well I do and It took two boxes to move all of that. What better way to de-clutter our lives than to use up all the stuff I already have. So here is my challenge to you (and myself:)
Don’t buy any new lotions, soaps, or shampoos until you use up ALL that you have. Go through your stash and throw out anything that is expired or that you will never use, and get rid of some of the clutter in your life.
I’m going to take this a step further myself, I’m going through my whole house room by room and throwing out anything I don’t need, or use. Now this is strange for me because before I moved up here I did the same thing. But now that I’m here there are boxes in my basement that I haven’t even opened so obviously I still have more stuff than necessary. Its amazing how many things we think we need but really we don’t. I hope that by the time I move back up north I’ve significantly cut down on my clutter and also my desire for “stuff.”

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